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(Genesis 1:1) “In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness. And the spirit of God was moving over the water. Then god commanded, “let there be light” – and light appeared.”

I begin by enumerating the four (4) fundamental elements which was the building blocks of creation. As fundamental elements, these are the entities preexisting before the creation took place and therefore are the only entities not created by God. These are the following:

1. earth – formless and desolate;

2. ocean – raging that covered everything

3. darkness – that which engulfed the ocean

4. spirit of God – moving over the water

Taking reference with the first creation that is Light, I will first discuss the 3rd fundamental element that is Darkness. The building block that was utilized in the creation of light was darkness.

When god created light, he never intended for the darkness to vanish. For without darkness there would be no light while without light there would still be darkness. When god separated light from darkness calling the former day while the latter night, what god actually created was change. Change in the sense when occurrence of an event was triggered – the occurrence of an event beyond the occurrences of events taking place within the existence of the four fundamental elements; Change that is temporal and cyclical. Change and eventualities are not at all non-existent with the four prior elements as “spirit of god” described to be “moving” over the water where “moving” (literally connoting movement) descriptive of duration and change.

Take note that the first event that happened in the creation history was the creation of light. The coming of day intended to alternate with the night.

Thus, after the creation of light, came the first day of creation. By adopting the nature of darkness as to suite the creation design, came the initiation of the creation of the universe. From the coming of the first day, necessarily triggered the coming of the second, third, and so forth, days of the universe. In effect, a pattern of chronology was what primarily set by god. By the alternating of night and day, occurrence of events shall take place.

In effect therefore, what god created on the first day was TIME. In order that the universe should exist, god modified darkness and created time for the material universe. The time created was a modification of the eternally existing darkness. Since light is a mere creation, it is within the bounds of the temporal universe not intended to exist forever.

Darkness on the other hand should not be understood as the entire totality of time. Without light, darkness shall continue to exist eternally as there is a difference between temporal time and the eternal time. The latter has been existing way long before the former came into existence.

In the creation of darkness god created a “time line” that is temporary following a chronology suited only to the subjects and or objects of creation not intended to effect in anyway the “time line” that is permanent in the realm of eternity.

On the fourth day when god created the other bodies of the universe such as stars and moon and the sun, god in this stage is no longer pertaining to the essence of time per se but is defining the function of time as not only to set chronology of events but to trigger the happening of events. That is, placing the entire future of the creation in the hands of the stars; drawing fate of the temporal universe.

Compared with the first day of creation when god created time, his purpose was only to trigger occurrences of events. Let change or changes occur. On the fourth day however, god has already seen all the eventualities that the temporal universe shall undertake for the rest of its existence. Thus, assuring their occurrences, he entrusted the taking place of such all occurrences with time calling them fate; the fate of the temporal universe.

I take note in this part of my discussion the essence of time created to exist in the temporal universe created by god. Time should not be understood as equally temporal as with all other creation. Time remains essentially a continuity of darkness which is a fundamental element. What was created was the temporal time – the time line of the temporal universe. Darkness that is the pure element and the absolute nature of time remains to be in order and effect along side with temporal time.

The first creation of god therefore that is time, is created only to set occurrences of events which are temporary as the element of darkness modified to exist along side with light. For whatever may thrive within light, there will always be darkness entrusted to moderate and remind the universe of its nature of creation, that is, temporal – bound to be governed by the hands of time. With time governing occurrences, the universe created by god must always be remembered by the intent of its creator – it has its beginning and therefore shall have its end.

And from the day it all started; only time can tell. Only time will tell.

This discussion of time is the manifestation of such entrusted power governing creation. Today starts the first day of the created universe to awaken with reality of time. Let this day be the first day when the universe learns of the true nature and real significance of time being more than the keeper of all consciousness, eventualities and durations.

With the temporal universe so much to learn about time, the journey towards change shall be saved by no less than time itself.